Sanfe Pack of 3 Period Pain relief Roll on

  • Sanfe Period Pain Relief Roll-On has a composition of essential oils – Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Methane Crystal and Lavender that are helpful in reducing menstrual cramps and period pain in women. 
  • It has 100% Natural Oils which helps you to be active throughout the day & night without depending on pills or hot water bags. 
  • With its anti-inflammatory properties, Period Pain Relief Roll-On targets the source of pain providing you relief and relaxation on those days of the month.


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Product Name: Sanfe Pack of 3 Period Pain relief Roll on

Pack Size: This pack contains three units of pain relief roll on.

Description :

  • Contains 1 stain-free, 100% natural, mood improving, instant action Period Pain Relief Roll On
  • It has anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating properties to help improve mood swings
  • It helps to reduce menstrual cramp and period pain in the lower abdomen, lower back and inner thighs.
  • Its usage is safe and effective for comfort during menstruation
  • Easy to use – Open it, Roll it, Close it



Sanfe Products

Personal hygiene refers to maintaining cleanliness for keeping fit and staying healthy. Sanfe feminine hygiene product helps us to stay protected from diseases by preventing the spread of harmful germs or bacteria around us. As a woman, special care should be taken for feminine hygiene care. Sanfe, a brand dedicated to the needs of women personal hygiene. It is important for the overall health while protecting a woman from harmful bacteria which could be the main cause of various infections. As we are surrounded by bacterias everywhere, which may not be visible to the naked eyes, but are the carriers of certain harmful diseases or infections. It provides women with an affordable & sustainable solution for their personal hygiene in order to promote a healthy lifestyle. It's a biodegradable solution designed by IIT Delhi professors and alumni, which is menstrual friendly. It is a preventive measure of Urinary Tract Infections and hence prevents the women from the UTIs, germs and other infections. For more information on the Women's Personal Hygiene, Visit our blog: Top Asked Women’s Intimate Hygiene Questions

Sanfe: Women Personal Hygiene

TabletShablet brings to you the complete range of Sanfe feminine hygiene products. Products that brings along with it comfort together with Safety. So, just sit back and enjoy a hygienic and safe personal hygiene experience. For the ladies on the go, whether they are working women or a housewife on a vacation with family or a young collegiate, their biggest nightmare is dirty, unhygienic public toilet seats. They avoid using it, but for how long can anybody hold it. Finally, we have a product to your rescue, Sanfe Stand and Pee. It's a female pee standing device that allows women to stand & pee, avoiding unhygienic public washrooms. Using it prevents women from catching UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). Stand & Pee is ideal to use at Schools, Colleges, Offices, Metro stations. Airports, Railways, and Restaurants. Menstrual Cramps is now a common phenomenon among all the women across the world. Around 40% of the women have to go through with it during or at the beginning of their periods. But why one has to go through with it? When you a safe and 100% herbal solution in their grasp. FemCramp Relief Roll-On is an essential oil blend that provides continuous relief from menstrual cramps during periods. Have pain-free, hygienic Periods. There are a variety of different other personal hygiene products that you can sort through and select according to your needs and requirements.
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Dimensions 18 × 11 × 10 cm


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