Samson Scrotal Support

  • Scientifically designed with scrotal pouch construction, scrotal support provides strong compression, required comfort and sufficient space for the scrotum. 
  • It is anatomically shaped to ensure effective support and lift to the scrotum. 
  • The support relieves the pain, discomfort and strain of inflammation or sagging.
  • Stretchable Waist belt with broad hook-loop panel ensures easy application and removal, customized compression and grip, better sizing flexibility for perfect fitting, strong holding and lift of the scrotum.


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Product Name: Samson Scrotal Support

Pack Size: Universal


Samson Scrotal Support is specially designed to reduce injury and to support the cremaster muscle and for post-operative care, palliative care and treatment. Designed with scrotal pouch construction, it provides strong compression, comfort and sufficient space for scrotum.

Its stretchable waist belt with broad hook-loop panel ensures easy application and removal. In addition, it reduces injury and support the cremaster muscle which adds comfort and convenience.

Samson Scrotal Support Features:
  • Designed to hold, provide compression and lift the scrotal sac
  • Helps relieve pain, discomfort and strain of inflamed or sagging testicles
  • Provides separate penile compartment with adjustable waist band
  • Provide perfect compression and comfort
  • With blind seam construction, specially made for sensitive skin
  • Dermophilic soft material ensures no rash, allergy
  • Light-weight and well ventilated
  • Scrotal Support can be worn under clothing

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Samson Orthocare Products

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