Samson Ankle Splint

  • Samson Ankle Splint helps immobilize, support and stabilize the ankle joint.
  • It helps fasten the recovery process.
  • Can be used on either ankle.
  • One size fit all.


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PRODUCT NAME: Samson Ankle Splint

PACK SIZE: Universal

Samson Ankle Splint is a molded splint with perfect anatomy that helps immobilize, support and stabilize the ankle joint. The Rigid exoskeleton shell design of the brace provides better control of the inversion or aversion of the ankle. Also, the Unique eight figure strapping of it ensures an effective grip around the ankle. In addition, the ankle splint provides optimal compression and pressure to the injured ankle.


  • A Light weight ankle splint that provides Rigid immobilization to the injured ankle
  • Fasten the recovery process
  • With Foam cushioning that enhances the comfort level
  • Treats Unconventional, swollen or distorted ankles
  • Durable with long functional life
  • Has pleasant aesthetics
  • Reduces pressure of gripping straps
  • Can be used on either ankle
  • One size fit all
  • Sleek design of it allows it to be used inside the shoe.



Samson Orthocare Products

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