Safe Home First Aid Kit Handy St Johns First Aid SJF SHK

  • A handy, home safety first aid kit.
  • Perfect for Nuclear family.
  • Also, has a first aid guide.


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PRODUCT NAME: St Johns Home Safety First Aid Kit SJF SHK

PACK SIZE: The kit contains 28 items

St Johns Home Safety First Aid Kit SJF SHK is a home safety kit that comes in handy in case of any mishaps or accidents. It contains various medical items that effectively treats all kinds of wounds. The kit can be used as a temporary treatment until the medical help arrives. In addition, the kit also has a plastic box.

The kit has the following items:

  • Antiseptic Loon 50ml
  • Pain Spray Small
  • Bandage 10cmx3mtr
  • Sterile Wound Dressing Small
  • Spare Medication Pouch
  • First Aid Guide
  • Betadine/Drez Ointment 10gms
  • Pack of Plasters
  • Neosporin Powder
  • Silverex Cream 10gms
  • Handy First Aid Box
  • Torch Light with Batteries
  • Digital Thermometer
  • Scissor 7cm
  • Tweezer SS
  • Examination Gloves – Pair
  • CPR Mouth Device
  • Cotton Roll 15gms
  • Cotton Crepe Bandage 6cmx3mt
  • Burn Gel Dressing
  • Sterile Burn Dressing 10cm
  • Sterile Gauze Swab 10cm (2 Pcs)
  • Antiseptic Wipes (5 Pcs).


  • A first aid kit perfect for Nuclear family
  • Travel-friendly
  • Also, has a first aid guide
  • Safe and Effective.


St Johns

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