Remoiz Cream 100 G

Remoiz Cream used for treatment of  dry and flaky skin.

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    Product Name : Remoiz Cream

    Pack Size : 100 G

    Seasonal changes cause major effect on skin. In winter season dry & flaky skin is main problem. Person with very dry skin can trigger symptoms of eczema and cause the area to become itchy.

    This also increasing the bleeding in skin. Flaky skin is caused due to very dry skin in this a small, flat, very thin piece of skin are broken down.

    Remoiz Cream is one of the best natural moisturizing cream. This also help to effectively repair skin moisturizes.


    This Body Care Products contains various ingredients:  Ammonium Chloride, Calcium lactate, Glycerin, Lactic acid, Magnesium chloride, Potassium chloride, Sodium chloride and Sodium dihydrogen phosphate.

    How this work on skin

    Remoiz Cream after applying puts a barrier on the skin and does not allow loss of water from the skin. Due to this condition skin cells absorb and retain the moisture.


    It is used for the treatment of  dry and flaky skin.

    Benefits of Remoiz Cream
    • Glycerine  readily puts a barrier on the skin and does not allow water loss from the skin.
    • Urea, work as body’s Natural moisturizing factor, which  helps in unpacking the dry skin cells by expose the water bonding sites.
    • Chlorides salts work as easily absorbing agents for the skin.

    Use Under Medical Supervision

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    Talent Health Care Ltd.

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