Quantum Shape-In and Fit Gift Hamper

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  • Product Name: Quantum Shape-In and Fit Gift Hamper

    Pack Size: 120 CAP

    Quantum Shape-In

    PACK SIZE: The pack is of 60 capsules.
    FEATURES: The features are as follows:
    Modulates appetite.
    Powerful Antioxidant activity
    Increases energy expenditure
    Burns fat
    Inhibits new fat cell formation.
    CONTENT: The Quanto Shape-in Capsule contains Green coffee, Green tea, Malabar tamarind.

    Quantum Fit Capsule

    FEATURES: The features are as follows:
    Modulates appetite and Improves metabolism.
    Powerful Antioxidant
    Improves lipolysis
    Burns fat stored in abdominal region, promoting healthy weight loss Rich in natural mineral.
    CONTENT: The Quanto Capsule contains Garcinia, Indian raspberry, guggul and Capsicum.
    Benefits of Ingredients :



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