Prototal Whey Powder S/F 200 GM

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It work as wholesome nourishment & health supplement.It helps in stabilizing weight & improves fitness levels.

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PRODUCT NAME : UTH Prototal Whey Powder

Flavour : Chocolate  & Vanilla 

Prototal powder is new edge protein supplement. It has high protein content enriched with antioxidants, High fiber content. It is  sugar free.  It work as wholesome nourishment & health supplement.

Prototal powder contains a generous amount of Whey Protein for building lean muscles. Whey protein not only helps in building muscles but also acts beneficial for people who are lactose intolerant. It helps in stabilizing weight in people with weight loss or poor delight issues. The whey protein supplement improves fitness levels and maintains muscle mass after an exercise session.

Benefits :
1) Repairs & resynthesizes tissues

2) Combats Protein deficiency

3) Controls Cholesterol levels

4) Sustains energy

5) Improves insulin sensitivity

Directions for use:

1)Add 2 teaspoons for powder to a glass

2)Pour lukewarm water or milk in the glass

3)Stir well before consuming


Use Under Medical Supervision

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