Pigeon Training Toothbrush Lesson 123 Set

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Pigeon Training Toothbrush Lesson 123 Set can be used for all stages of tooth growth. It provides your child with healthier stronger teeth.


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PRODUCT NAME: Pigeon Training Toothbrush Lesson 123 Set

PACK SIZE: 1 toothbrush in one box.

FEATURES: Toothbrush Set can be used for all stages of tooth growth. Lesson 1 Toothbrush has a safety shield for practice in baby’s mouth. Lesson 2 Toothbrush has rubber bristles that are soft enough for baby’s gums. Introduce Lesson 3 Toothbrush after all milk teeth have appeared. The rounded bristle-ends are tender and gentle on baby’s gums.

Pigeon Baby Training Toothbrush (Lesson 1,2,3)
Lesson 1: For babies from 6-8 months with 2-3 milk teeth, it is the 1st toothbrush and introduces the concept of holding a toothbrush.
The thick and contoured handle makes it easy for baby to grasp. The soft elastomer rubber head is soothing to baby’s tender gums
Lesson 2: For babies from 8-12 months with 8-10 milk teeth, the toothbrush is used as a transition to familiarize babies with the brushing movement when brushing teeth.
The soft elastomer rounded heads are soft and tender to baby’s gums, while the fine bristles end allow cleaning for all teeth as well as in between the teeth
Lesson 3: For babies over 12 months or when most of the milk teeth are in, your child is ready to try his first real toothbrush with toothpaste.
The rounded bristles ends are soft and gentle to your child’s gums.
Good habits of proper tooth brushing right from the first stage of training will help your child to enjoy a lifetime of healthier stronger teeth
Soft elastomer rubber heads to soothe baby’s tender gums
Fine elastomer bristle ends for gentle cleaning of baby’s teeth
Soft rounded head to soothe baby’s tender gums
Extra soft bristles for sensitive gums & gentle cleaning of baby’s teeth


Training toothbrushes for your baby’s teeth & gums
Brushing keeps your baby’s teeth clean and healthy
Soft elastomer rubber to soothe baby’s gums
Extra soft bristles





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