Pigeon Portable Breast Pump

Stimulates the breasts that enable mothers to have comfortable and successful breast milk expression due to Suckling pattern which encourages milk flow.

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  • PRODUCT NAME: Pigeon Portable Breast Pump
    PACK SIZE: 1 BREAST PUMP in a box.

    Mother’s milk is the best source of nutrition for all baby, but all feeding women may not always be there to feed  child. So breast pump solve this problem. Pigeon Portable Breast Pump is comfortable & easy to use.

    Features :
    It is comfort ProperFit Soft Silicone Cushion
    It Provides a secure seal and comfortable fit for more efficient pumping
    It follow 2 Phase Technology¢€“ Stimulation and Expression modes
    It Stimulation mode gently stimulates the breast to initiate milk flow and Expression mode to maximize milk flow
    It have Adjustable Suction Pressure
    It has 6 adjustable levels of suction pressure
    It is Portable and compact
    It have easy pumping anytime, anywhere
    It is simple and easy to use
    It fewer parts, which makes it easy to assemble, use and clean
    It have No back flow feature
    Its Hygienic design to prevent milk from flowing back to the funnel
    It have Bottle stand
    It secures bottle to prevent spills.


    Select a Pigeon breast pump that is the most suitable and comfortable feeding women. Always remember that a pump with a strong suction power does not mean that it is good for users. A baby exerts a pressure of 80 to 100 mm HG. It ensure that sucking force by the pump is appropriate and no pain is felt in the mammary glands. Sucking process is different from pulling and rhythmic suction is better than hard pumping. Breast pump which have a pumping strength of above 200 mm HG is not recommended for breast feeding mothers.


    Clean or warm the breast with a hot or wet towel. Massage with hand in circles from the outside of the breast to the inside, avoiding the nipple.
    Now express with a pump that has a comfortable and appropriate pressure.
    Stop expressing when the breast is four-fifth times emptied. (NOTE: The breast cannot be emptied completely. so, do not express for longer than 20 minutes.). Stop milk expressing when pain is felt in breast or nipple.



    Place Sealing Air Cushion to the breast.
    Pull the handle.


    It is lightweight and portable.
    It have Perfect Sealing Soft Silicone Air Cushion.
    It Two-Phase Technology Stimulation and Expression modes.
    It is Ergonomic easy-express handle.
    It is simple and easy, have no back flow feature.



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