Pigeon Home Baby Food Maker

Used to prepare wholesome nutritious food for baby.

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  • PRODUCT NAME: Pigeon Home Baby Food Maker
    PACK SIZE: 1 set in a box.

    Age : Above 6 months Baby

    Pigeon promotes baby¢€™s healthy growth and the happiness of baby,mother and family through advanced research and development innovation. So pigeon develop various different type products for babies healthy health. Home baby food maker assist in managing all the processes associated with preparation of baby food. The Pigeon Baby Food Maker is immensely helpful when need to grind, grate, strain or squeeze any food item for  kid.

    Home Baby Food Maker make Wholesome Nutritious food for baby.

    Benefits :

    • Pigeon Home Baby Food Maker store grate, strain, squeeze, grind all these things in just one set.
    • This comes with serving bowl and baby feeding spoon for the convenience of feeding right after preparation
    • This convenient and compact baby food maker prepare nutritious and delicious meals for  baby
    • This is BPA Free

    Sterilization of Pigeon Home Baby Food Maker

    Different Sterilization Method : Boiling, Steam, Microwave, Chemical

    Precaution taken during sterilization
    Do not use chemical or microwave for strainer.
    Do not sterilize pestle.

    Material used : 

    Dish with grater, storage lid ,grating plate , squeezer ,mortar , feeding spoon these all are made up of  -Polypropylene

    Strainer is made up of  – Polypropylene & stainless steel.

    Pestle is made up of  – Natural wood

    Features :

    Ideal for weaning babies :

    This is ideal for weaning baby because they comes with four extensions that helps

    i) Grating ii) Straining iii) Squeezing iv) Grinding ,procedure to performed  very easily without any complication

    Lets starting from semi-liquid to solid, all types of food can be made to suit the correct stage of the baby’s growth.
    Squeezing: Juice is properly squeezed
    Grating: In this material is grated quickly to be fine in texture for the baby because of the grating plate
    Straining: Material passes through the strainer made from a tough but fine mesh of stainless steel
    Grinding down: A handle is attached to a mortar with down wardly tapered ridges, to prevent residue from sticking

    Pigeon Home Baby Food Maker has Ergonomic Intelligent Design for Maximum Utility

    •  This comes with four extensions grate, squeeze, grind and strain
    • This contains feeding bowl, spoons, soup bowl.
    • Its ability to withstand high temperature from 20 to 120 degree Celsius
    • This is made up of non-toxic polypropylene

    Product Specification :

    This is ideal for preparing any type of baby food.
    This is easy to use and clean
    This is multipurpose food maker
    This is heat resistant





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