Pigeon Cotton Balls 100 PCS

It is highly absorbent and is used to clean in between the folds of the baby’s skin where moisture tends to accumulate leading to redness and rash.

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Product Name: Pigeon Cotton Balls

Pack Size: 100 Pcs

It is made up of Soft, Highly Absorbent Cotton

Pigeon cotton balls are soft and ideal for daily grooming purpose. Highly absorbent balls are use to clean in between the folds of your baby’s skin where moisture tends to accumulate leading to redness and rash. Pigeon baby balls or cotton can also be used to apply cream or ointment on your baby’s delicate skin.

It is available in Zip Lock Sealable Bag

The Pigeoncotton balls is available in a zip lockable bag. Baby cotton balls are kept free form dust, moisture and other unwanted elements right until the end. This compact pack fits easily into  handbag or diaper bag for use anytime anywhere.


It is 100 percent pure cotton.

It have pure softness

It is hygienic.


Pigeon cotton balls is made up high-quality cotton with a pliable soft plastic stem for added safety.
It have a good absorbency.
It remains sealed with a zip-lock seal.
It can be used in removing ear wax, cleaning nose and navel.

Specification :

  • It is made from 100% pure cotton.
  • It is soft, absorbent and hygienic.
  • It is ideal for all  baby care, skin care and family needs.

                        USE UNDER MEDICAL SUPERVISION



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