Physiomer Baby Nasal Spray

  • Ideal Nasal spray to restore the breathing of your toddler.
  • Moistens the nasal passages.
  • Made of 100% seawater formula.
  • Gentle and child-friendly.

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    PRODUCT NAME: Physiomer Baby Nasal Spray

    PACK SIZE: 115ml

    Physiomer Baby Nasal Spray helps restore the breathing of your toddler by effectively clearing the nasal passage and cleansing & eliminating excess mucus. The soft tip of the spray ensures that there is no risk of injury and the process in more gentle and child-friendly. The packaging of the nasal spray ensures that all the health benefits of the Saint-Malo seawater are effectively retained.


    • Ideal Nasal spray for small children up to the age of 2
    • Effectively removes dust, allergens, pollution and pathogens
    • Made of 100% seawater formula
    • Soothes the irritated nasal mucosa
    • Relieves nasal symptoms associated with colds and rhinopharyngitis
    • Moistens the nasal passages
    • Free of preservatives or chemical additives
    • Sterile and Isotonic
    • Safe for daily use.


    • First, lie the baby with its head turned to one side (to avoid the risk of getting in the throat)
    • Gently insert the nozzle and press it once firmly
    • Wait for a few seconds
    • Then repeat the process with the other nostril by turning the baby to the other side
    • Lift the baby up and wipe the nose
    • Use it once or twice daily
    • In case of a runny or stuffy nose caused by cold, use it 4 to 6 times a day.


    • Read the instructions carefully before use.
    • Wash the nozzle after each use, with hot water.
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    Modi-Mundipharma Pvt Ltd


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