Pee Safe Organic Cotton Tampon (Super Plus)

  • Super-sized biodegradable tampons for very heavy flow.
  • Skin and environment-friendly.
  • Free of chlorine bleach, dyes and other synthetics.

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PRODUCT NAME: Pee Safe Organic Cotton Tampon (Super Plus)

PACK SIZE: 16 cotton tampons

Pee Safe Tampons Super Plus are super-sized biodegradable tampons that are easier to use, without any hassles, and provides carefree and leak-free periods. Each tampon is made of organic cotton that is grown without the use of toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. The super plus tampon size is for very heavy flow, suited according to the day’s flow. In addition, these tampons are also biodegradable, which makes them environment-friendly.

The organic cotton used in the tampons are grown without the use of toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, making them all the more safe snd skin-friendly.


  • 100% Organic Cotton Tampons
  • Also, helps maintain personal hygiene
  • Free of chlorine bleach, dyes and other synthetics
  • Dermatologically tested
  • With an all-round expansion that helps reduce leakage and gives a perfect fit.


  • First, remove the red coloured tear tape and unwrap the bottom half of the covering.
  • Carefully unwind the removal cord and remove the remaining wrapping.
  • Insert the tampon into the vagina and push it as far back as possible
  • To remove the tampon, gently pull the removal cord downwards so that the tampon slides out.

All PeeSafe Products are safe and effective, with insta-hygiene experience. And Not just that, they are skin-friendly too!



Weight0.3 kg
Dimensions18 × 11 × 10 cm


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