Oxy99 6 Litre Breathing Can

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  • Oxy99 oxygen cans contain 99% pure oxygen.
  • Helps restore normal oxygen level in the body


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  • PRODUCT NAME: Oxy99 6 Litre Breathing Can

    PACK SIZE: Bottle Contains 6 litres, 150 Inhalation

    Oxy99 6 Litre Breathing Can is a light-weight oxygen cylinder that helps provide an instant supply of oxygen in any type of breathlessness or breathing difficulty. It works by maintaining the normal oxygen levels of the body in order to restore the brain and other body functions back to normal.


    • oxy99 portable oxygen cylinder contain pure natural oxygen
    • Provides up to 150 inhalations per bottle
    • Light and highly portable
    • Safe to use
    • Medically certified
    • Instantly recovers low oxygen levels in the body.





    Oxygen is the most vital thing to stay alive. Nothing comes in comparison with its importance. And in times of emergencies where the person can’t breathe on its own. Oxygen Cylinders are the only source of oxygen. One such brand of portable oxygen cylinder is Oxy99.An Oxygen cylinder is oxygen storage, high-pressure, non-reactive, steel container that provides supplemental oxygen. The Oxy99 brand develops oxygen products for all kinds of medical and non medical oxygen, nitrogen argon, and acetylene manufacturing plants and gases.The brand’s oxy99 oxygen cylinder provides 99% pure oxygen, which helps in raising or restoring oxygen level in the body. It is a premium product manufactured under approved drug licenses and SOP as per the latest Indian pharmacopeia guidelines (I.P. 2014).Other oxy99 uses include providing all kinds of aid. Like resuscitation, cardiovascular stability, and as life support for artificially ventilated patients.It also helps reduce fatigue and increases energy, endurance and stamina. In cases where oxygen level decreases and breathlessness are common such as at high altitude, biking, skiing, boarding and hiking, these cans provide the person a sufficient supply of pure oxygen.IN addition, it is ideal for 66 million COPD patients as it is easy to carry, and is light-weight, weighing just 120 grams. Also, there are no oxy99 side effects.An oxygen can help restores the tissue oxygen tension by ensuring oxygen availability in conditions such as COPD, cyanosis, shock, severe haemorrhage, carbon monoxide poisoning, major trauma, and cardiac/respiratory arrest.Explore the wide range of oxy99 oxygen can with oxy99 mask at TabletShablet. And get them at exciting deals and discounts.
    Weight1 kg
    Dimensions20 × 20 × 12 cm


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