Omron Nebulizer Compressor -NE-C25S-IN

This is used effective treatment  of problem related to breath, asthma, allergies, and other respiratory disorders.


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PRODUCT: Omron Nebulizer Compressor -NE-C25S-IN

PACK SIZE: 1 device a box

Some people with breathing problems need to medicine inhale & deliver into their lungs.  So there is a development of a device called nebulizer.  Nebulizer are drug delivery systems which is used to administer medication in form of mist inhaled into the lungs, This is the one  best way to deliver medicine into the lungs, by inhaling the medicine into their lungs properly people can breath easily. This come in different shape and size but all have same basic points.  This is best suitable for infant as well adult also. This is very compact & light weighted machine.  Place the treatment for 10 minutes. This is packed in  good quality bag.

Omron Nebulizer Compressor -NE-C25S-IN

The Omron Compressor Nebulizer System NE-C25, have  unique design, delivers strong, quick, and quiet treatments. At the affordable price, the NE-C25 offers an affordable and efficient alternative nebulizer system. The NE-C25S-IN  is very compact and lightweighted,which making it perfect for traveling or for people on the go. This model comes with various parts the piston-pump compressor, nebulizer cup, mouthpiece, tubing and carrying case.

In this high nebulization rate ensures optimized treatment duration Nebulizer kit can be autoclaved. This is easy to operate and maintain Compact and travel convenient NE-C25S compressor nebulizer system is developed for effective management or treatment  of asthma, allergies, and other respiratory disorders.


Compact Sporty Design For Easy Transport.
Patented Pump Design For Powerful And Quiet Operation.
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty from date of purchase
To claim warranty the only INVOICE is mandatory, no seller stamp required.
If there is any extended warranty, then it is applicable as per brand terms.
4 AA batteries required.

Nebulizer includes following parts:

Parts of Omron Nebulizer Compressor -NE-C25S-IN

Omron Compresser machine

Pipe or tube :Which connect the compressor & medication cup.

Nebulizer or Medication Cup : Hold the medicine.

Mouth piece  : To breath medicine into the mouth.

T- Piece : Used to fix mouth Piece.

Reservoir tube

Five filters : Filter can changed time to time.

Instruction manual

How to use :

Fist of all checked everything is available whatever you need.

Place the nebuliser on the hard surface (eg : Table).

Plug in the electricity cord into the electricity socket.

Whash your hand with warm water & make it dry.

Attached one wire end into the compressor & another wire end to the medication cup.

Now it get ready to add the medicine.

Most medicine come with single ready to use. Never use more or less medicine which are prescribed.

To use this medicine twist from the top and pour into the medication cup.

Attached the T piece to the top of the lid and attached the mouth piece to the one end of the T- piece.

Attached the reservoir piece to the another end.

If used the mask the attached the medication cup to the mask.

Now turn on the compression to start the treatment.

Make sure device is creating steady mist. if not then double checked to sure working properly.

Put the mouth piece into your teeth and on the top of the tong. breath through mouth evenly and deeply till the entire treatment.

If you need rest during treatment then turn off compression.

You hear sputtering sound when medication is or finished. then tap the nabulizer gently to the bottom of cup. when the treatment finished , then turn off the compressor.

Washing of device after use :

Wash nabulizer properly  after the use and don’t keep it without wash.  Disassemble the all the part of the device carefully.

Wash them with hand & rinse it with warm water.

During wash attached the nebulizer  with the compressor and turn on it for few seconds so that medicine can be remove properly. Then rinse it again with warm water and keep it for the dry.

If medicine contain steroid then wash it properly to avoid the further infection after use.

Use it regularly then you  can easily  breath.

WARRANTY: The product is available for 1 year warranty.

Use under medical supervision




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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 12 cm



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