Nutrafy Diy Face Mask Machine (Full Kit)


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  • Product Name: Nutrafy Diy Automatic Fruit Natural Vegetable Collagen Face Mask Maker Machine (Full Kit)

    Pack Size: Main Machine Size: 133 x 97 x 152mm


    Nutrafy Diy Face Mask Machine You know clearly what to do in the process of make mask,quiet, automatic, easy to operate, only one power button to control all the programs, click the power button to switch or confirm the mask making mode and the cleaning mode,making procedure only requires 5 minutes, which is a very economy and convenient way to do a safe facial beauty at home.

    Nutrafy Diy Face Mask Machine Facial Treatment Automatic Fruit Natural Vegetable Collagen Home Use Beauty Salon SPA Care.

    How to Use Nutrafy Diy Face Mask Machine :

    Step 1: Place on a flat surface.

    Step 2: Pour materials toward the tank.

    Step 3: Close the lock catch cover.

    Step 4:?Plug in power supplies.

    Step 5:?Turn on the appliance.

    Step 6: Wait about 6 minutes.

    Step 7: Pour out them to the mold.

    Step 8: Wait for 2 minutes to condense.

    Step 9:Put the mask on your face.

    Step 10:Use the scraper to get the mask

    INSTRUCTIONS: Prepare 20 ml Juice of milk Add one collagen tablet.Press the start button,Only need five minutes to DIY your facial mask Wait for the facial mask to cool and enjoy your natural facial


    Item Type: Mask Maker Machine Rated Power: 110W Rated Voltage: 220V Rated Frequency: 50Hz

    Net Weight: 380g

    Total weight:1060g

    Main Machine Size: 133 x 97 x 152mm

    Color: White

    Package List:

    1 x Main Mask Maker Machine

    1 x Mask Plate

    1 x Juice Extractor

    1 x Box of Fresh Collagen

    1 x 120ML Measuring Cup

    1 x Cleaning Brush

    1 x Manual

    1 x Adapter Plug

    1 x Plastic Knife

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