Nicotex Chewing Gum


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Nicotine gums for quitting smoke in just twelve weeks. 

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  • PRODUCT NAME: Nicotex Chewing Gum

    PRODUCT SIZE:  9Gums

    Nicotex chewing gum is a nicotine gum which helps in quitting smoke. Using the principle of Nicotine Replacement Therapy NRT. Nicotex have Nicotine Polacrilex, USP in it. Which you get from cigarettes, but in a less amount. It is like a vaccine, you take a small amount of medicine for that particular disease. In order to prevent your body from the disease in future.

    Nicotex Chewing gum uses are for people who take cigarettes as if drinking water. It offers a twelve-week programme to live without smoke addiction. Slowly Nicotex gums helps in reducing nicotine intake. Resulting in no smoking. Cigarettes cause cancer and should be avoided for a healthy being.


    • Sugar-free gums
    • Gradually stops nicotine intake
    • Just twelve weeks programme
    • No more addiction
    • Nicotex chewing gum flavours are available in six variants


    • Slowly chew till you get nicotine taste
    • Place between cheek and gum
    • Repeat when taste changes
    • From first to sixth week, consume in every one to two hours
    • From seventh to ninth, consume in every two to four hours
    • And lastly, from tenth to twelfth week consume in every four to eight hours
    • Use Nicotex 2mg if taking less than 20 cigarettes
    • And 4mg if more than 20 cigarettes


    • Consult your Physician first, if minor
    • Nicotex chewing gum dosage should not exceed
    • Ask doctor if pregnant or lactation
    • Ask the doctor if already taking other medication
    • Previous reaction with nicotine should seek medical help
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