MuscleBlaze Vitamin C (1000mg), 20 tablets, Orange

Maxcure, BLPL

  • MB Vitamin C 1000mg is a peppy effervescent set of Vitamin C tablets that help in enhancing your immunity levels.
  • It is enriched with 1000mg of actual Vitamin C which is higher than the Vitamin C in 1000mg Amla
  • This immunity-boosting micronutrient helps in enhancing the defence mechanism of your body and protects you against various infections
  • MB Vitamin C 1000mg is a fizzy experience of refreshment and energy in tangy orange flavour.
  • Also Available in single piece/20 tablets in orange flavor

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    PRODUCT NAME: MuscleBlaze Vitamin C (1000mg), 1 Pack/20 Tablets, Orange

    PACK SIZE: 3 Piece(s)/Pack and 1 Pack/20 Tablets


    MB Vitamin C tablets 1000mg helps you in getting an optimum dose of Vit C capsules so that you can enjoy good health with better immunity. This high strength formula provides you with more Vitamin C capsules than what you will get from 1000mg Amla. It comes in a peppy effervescent tablet form which can be easily dissolved in water and deliver great results. It’s a tangy, sugar-free refreshment, which leaves you with lasting freshness. Available in a pack of 20 effervescent tablets, just one tablet a day is perfect to boost your immunity. Drop a tablet in water, let it dissolve completely. Feel the fizz and consume.


    • MB Vitamin C 1000mg is enriched with 1000mg of Vitamin C capsules that helps in strengthening your immune system and keeping you healthy.
    • This potent formula offers you 1000mg of Vitamin C supplements in each tablet.
    • The product comes in a peppy effervescent form that is highly dissolvable in water. You just need to drop a tablet into cold or normal water and it will fizz and get dissolved quickly.
    • These effervescent tablets dissolve very quickly and have a faster rate of absorption.
    • MB Vitamin C tablets 1000mg comes in a tangy and refreshing orange flavour to fuel you with instant energy and freshness.

    DIRECTION TO USE: MB Vitamin C tablets 1000mg can be consumed easily by following the 3-D process:

    • Just take out one tablet from this 20-tablet pack and drop it in the water.
    • Let the tangy tablet fizz in the water and wait for it to dissolve completely.
    • Consume immediately to experience a blast of freshness.


    • Read the label carefully before use
    • Keep it out of reach of the children
    • Do not exceed the recommended dose
    • Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight



    Muscle Blaze


    MuscleBlaze Protein Supplement

    Muscleblaze, founded in 2012, aims to provide international-level fitness supplement within a reasonable price range. All the products at Muscleblaze are prepared at WHO-certified state of the art plants and are tested according to FSSAI standards. They not only focus on best quality but pay attention to taste. That is why Muscleblaze has been known for its best taste products. It's one of the leading brand in bodybuilding and sports nutritional supplements in India for athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. TabletShablet ensures that you get genuine and authentic products with best offers. So, you can get the kind of physique you want.
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    Maxcure, BLPL


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