Muscleblaze Torque Orange Flavor 500 GM

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PRODUCT NAME: Muscleblaze Torque Orange Flavour 


PACK SIZE: One pack contains 500 gm Powder



Muscleblaze Torque is a powerful pre-workout supplement, which enhances workout performance by fueling the mind and body with intense energy and focus. It contains Vitamin B1, B3, and B6 that enhance the absorption of amino acids and other nutrients essential. In addition, it pumps up muscles and promotes long work hours at the gym, taken 20-30 mins prior to the workout.

The powder contains Citrulline, Arginine and red spinach extract, which increases blood flow and ensures more nutrition reaches the muscles thus helping in faster recovery.


 KEY FEATURES of Muscleblaze Torque:
  • A powerful pre-workout drink
  • Supports muscular strength during heavy-duty workouts
  • It is used as a Nutritional Supplement
  • Caffeine and Tyrosine in it boost energy
  • Pumps up your muscles and increases work out hours at the gym
  • Also, helps retain water in the muscles cells
  • Maintain a positive anabolic state in the body, thus prevents fatigue
  • Muscleblaze Torque enhance focus and mental alertness
  • Also, increase the amino acids absorption and other nutrients essential for bodybuilding
  • Strengthen the immunity
  • Also, comes in Orange flavour



Mix 1 serving (15g) of MuscleBlaze Torque Orange Flavour in the chilled water or as per your liking. One serving a day, 20-30 minutes before workout.

There are a variety of MuscleBlaze Products available with us at very amazing discount price.



To be used as directed by the manufacturer or by the physician.

Use under Medical supervision

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Muscle Blaze

MuscleBlaze Supplement

Tired of having a lanky body! Bodybuilding nowadays became an obsession as well as profession for a lot of people. Everyone is now looking forward, whether it be men or women, to have a perfectly shaped figure. But how to get a perfect toned body is the biggest question. TabletShablet, understand your needs and brings to you MuscleBlaze supplement, leading brand in bodybuilding and sports nutritional supplements in India for athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. MuscleBlaze, founded in 2012, aims to provide international-level fitness supplement within a reasonable price range. All the products at MuscleBlaze are prepared at WHO-certified state of the art plants and are tested according to FSSAI standards. They not only focus on best quality but pay attention to taste. That is why MuscleBlaze has been known for its best taste products.

MuscleBlaze: Assured Quality with Authentication Code

There are variety of Muscle Blaze products available in the market that are fake and will rip-off your money. But, TabletShablet ensures that you get genuine and authentic products with best offers. Muscleblaze protein, enriched with rich milk chocolate, provides you perfect protein supplements. It contains whey protein for immediate recovery after heavy workouts and helps gain muscles. Rich in vitamins and minerals, MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer comes with amazing chocolate flavour. In addition, it helps to boost recovery and enhance muscle mass development. Enriched with Digezyme, MuscleBlaze Gainer help to improve digestion that leads to healthy weight gain. Muscle Blaze whey protein for weight loss are natural thermogenics that improves your metabolism and help you convert fat into energy more efficiently.
Steps to Check the Authenticity of MuscleBlaze Products:
  • Unscrew the cap
  • You'll find a Unique Code under the Cap
  • Type your Unique Authentication Code and send it to 9227411117.
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