Muscleblaze MB Vite Tablet with Fish Oil Gift Hamper

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Product Name:ƒ‚ Muscleblaze MB Vite Tablet with Fish Oil

Muscleblaze MB Vite Tablet

FEATURES: The product contains Vitamin Blend, 24 Vitamins and minerals fulfill the micro-nutrient requirement of active individuals, and support muscle, and support muscle recovery.
It is used as Nutritrional Supplement.
4 super antioxidants reduce muscle fatigue.
Strengthens Immunity, stamina and metabolism.

ƒ‚ Muscleblaze Fish Oil Soft Gel Capsules

PACK SIZE: One pack contains 100 Soft Gel Capsules

FEATURES: The product contains Cod liver oil, Omega -3 essential fatty acids -EPA & DHA the best source of good fats.
It is used as Nutritional Supplement.
Supports lean Muscle gains.
Improves Joint flexibility & reduces exercise-induced joint stiffness.

Use under Medical supervision.

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