Melashine Cream 15g

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This is used in the treatment of hyperpigmentary skin disorders.

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    Product Name: Melashine Cream

    Pack Size: 15g

    Melashine Cream the product contains various active ingredients : kojic acid, glycolic acid, licorice extract, benzophenone, vitamin C, magnesium, zinc oxide, neem extract, titanium di oxide, Hydroquinone. This is used for treatment of hyperpigmentary disorders of skin.

    • This contains 4% hydroquinone, which blocks the synthesis of melanin and eliminates the dark spots from the skin.

    Uses of Melashine Cream

    • This?Skin Care?Product is used for the treatment of hyperpigmentation,melasma,age spots,freckles, etc.


    • Stop used of cream If redness,peeling,burning,dryness and itching occur at the site of application.
    • Discontinue use of the cream and notify your doctor if you observe the following side effects:
    • Observe darkening of the treated skin,strong irritation of the skin,the formation of bubbles,
      painful burning or swelling on the affected skin area,any type of breathing problems,irritation of your eyes, nose or mouth.
    • Avoid that products which can dry or irritate the skin, for example, abrasive cleansers, scrubs or peels, an alcohol, benzoyl peroxide.
    • if feel burning sensation stop using the cream.
    • keep the cream away from? nose, mouth or eyes. In case of accidentally contact with eye, rinse with warm water.

    Melashine Cream: Direction for use

    • Before using the cream gently wash? face with a mild cleanser.
    • apply the cream? at night time , at least 30 minutes before bedtime;
    • apply a sufficient quantity of cream on the tip of finger.
    • apply a thin layer of cream evenly on the pigment skin area.
    • wash your hands after use of this cream.
    • Avoid using of other products on the treated area for at least 1 hour after application.

    Use Under Medical Supervision

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