Mamaearth Tummy Roll, After Bite Roll, Palm Safe, Mosquito Safe and Odomas Wrist Band Gift Hamper for Babies

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  • Product Name:?Mamaearth Tummy Roll, After Bite Roll, Palm Safe, Mosquito Safe and Odomas Wrist Band Gift Hamper for Babies

    Mamaearth Tummy Roll

    Mamaearth Tummy Roll On contains Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides, Olive Oil, Hing Oil, Dill Seed Oil, Fennel Oil, Peppermint Oil and Ginger Oil.


    *The product is used to treat stomach ache, Acid reflux , constipation and other stomach related issues.

    * All the ingredients of the product extracted from the natural sources thus almost have no allergic reaction.

    * The major advantance of the Roll on is that it is Easy to carry and easy to use at any place .

    Olive Oil: Olive oil is a very popular massage oil for babies. It can be used in every season. Rubbing olive on baby?s stomach also helps in relieving constipation and gas problems in babies.

    Hing Oil: Hing also known as Asafoetida, essential oil originates from the resin or gum within the roots of the small plant with similar name. It is as an Anti- flatulent ( relives gas)and effective digestive aid.

    Dill Seed Oil, Fennel oil & Ginger oil: Mixture of Dill seed oil along with fennel and ginger oil is used to get rid of flatulence and relives stomach issues.

    DIRECTIONS TO USE: Apply directly on stomach around the naval area. Apply every 20-30 minutes until symptoms subside and then every couple of hours as needed till the baby gets better.

    Mamaearth After Bite Roll

    Itching after an insect bite can be really painful and irritating. Hi! I am a 100% natural blend of essential oils for stings and insect bites, with no ammonia, alcohol, preservatives, mineral oil or chemicals. I am an easy to use roll on with the most effective ingredients to reduce itching. I have chamomile, lavender, calendula and peppermint oil which are known home remedies against insect bites and stings. I have anti-inflammatory properties that provide relief from after bite itching. I am safe to be applied on the sensitive skin of new born babies as well.

    Palm Safe


    The product contains polydimethylsiloxane, Benzylkonium chloride, Purified water and Peppermint fragrance.

    It is used as Hand Sanitizer.
    It kills 99.99% germs within a few seconds of application.
    Easy to Carry
    The foam deeply nourishes the skin and prevents tender skin from drying up.

    Mosquito Safe

    The product contains Neem Oil, Citronella Oil and purified Water.
    It is used as mosquito repellent to protect the child and family from mosquitoes.
    MoskitoSafe is a 100% natural mosquito repellent.
    It provides protection for 3??? 4 hours.
    The formulation is Alcohol and DEET free.
    It is safe for all age group.
    It provides protection against dengue, malaria and chikungunya.

    PRECAUTIONS: Avoid contact with eyes

    Odomas Wrist Band

    Unlike any other insect repellent??? Doesnt kill or knock down mosquitoes using deadly chemicals??? Uses a formula which masks the distinctive body odour that the human skin typically emits, making you virtually invisible to mosquitoes??? One of the best protectors against mosquito bites for as long as 12 hours??? Ideal mosquito repellent for kids

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