Maharishi Raktda Iron Management

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    PRODUCT NAME: Maharishi Raktda Iron Management

    PACK SIZE: The bottle contains 60 tablets

    COMPOSITION: Raktda is a unique Ayurvedic remedy manufactured by Maharishi Ayurveda Products Pvt. Ltd, to fulfil all your body’s iron necessity. It contains a combination of Ayurvedic and natural herbs. While managing your iron content it also provides various health benefits without any negative reaction.

    It contains the following natural ingredients:

    • Giloy satva: Also known as Guduchi or Tinospora cordifolia, Giloy satva is a herbal powder, prepared from the stem of a plant called Indian Tinospora. It helps boost immunity and treat liver disorders.
    • Praval: is an Ayurvedic medicine prepared from coral calx, and is a natural source of rich calcium. In addition, is used as a supplement to treat various bone-related disorders associated with calcium deficiency. It easily absorbs and compensates for the calcium requirement of the body.
    • Shilajit: is an effective and safe supplement that has a positive impact on your overall health and well-being. Found in the rocks of the Himalayas, this herbal substance is found to have numerous benefits.


    • Helps reduce fatigue
    • Boosts your immunity
    • Nourishes your hair
    • Add radiance to your skin
    • Treat liver disorders
    • Perfect treatment of cough, cold
    • Removes any calcium deficiency
    • It helps in improving height
    • Acts as a cardiac tonic
    • Provides Calcium and Vitamin C
    • Treats malnutrition anaemia
    • Also treats haemolytic disorders and chronic infections

    DOSAGE: It is recommended to take 2 tablets twice a day or as directed by the physician. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Consult your doctor for its use during pregnancy.

    SIDE EFFECTS: No side effects have been reported so far. It is prescribed to take a lower dose during lactation and in children. Store it in a cool dry place, away from sunlight.

    SHELF LIFE: 3 Years from the date of manufacturing


    Maharishi Ayurveda

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