Inlife Coenzyme Q10

  • A quality Coenzyme Q10 Supplement
  • Fulfil the body’s daily need of the Q10 coenzyme.
  • Protects cells from the effects of ageing.
  • Helps generate energy in the cells.

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PRODUCT NAME: Inlife Coenzyme Q10

PACK SIZE: The bottle contains 30 Tablets

Inlife Coenzyme Q10 tablets helps generate energy in your cells and is produced naturally in the body. But, as a person ages, the production of coenzyme Q10 decreases. This is where it come. They fulfil the body’s daily need of the Q10 coenzyme.


  • A quality Coenzyme Q10 Supplement
  • Protects cells from the effects of ageing
  • Cells uses CoQ10 for their growth and maintenance
  • Protect the cells from oxidative damage
  • Low levels of coenzyme Q10 may lead to heart diseases.

DOSAGE: Take 1 Inlife Coenzyme Q10 tablet daily after meals, or as directed by a physician.


  • Do not exceed the recommended dose
  • It is not intended to diagnose, cure any disease.
  • If pregnant, on medication consult your doctor before using the product.
  • Results may vary from person to person.

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Inlife Healthcare is a part of INLIFE Pharma Private Limited, a known multimillion group since 1973. Its natural ingredients ensure proper health and fitness and prevention of lifestyle diseases. The company's main goal is to introduce high quality and scientifically validated nutritional health supplements with natural ingredients.
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