H1 Hot & Cold Pack (Gel based)

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PRODUCT: H1 Hot & Cold Pack (Gel based)

PACK SIZE: 1 device in a box.

FEATURES: Easy to Use Bacteria Free & odour free Smart Replacement for Ice bags, hot water bottles and heating pads
Size: 290 x 155 mm Hot and Cold Pack Hot Pack;
Prior to heating remove all paper, staples and plastic packaging,
Heat on Microwave for 1 Minute, If Pack is not warm enough add 15 seconds more of heating time, If Microwave oven does not have a turntable, turn over the pack halfway through the heating process to even out temperature on entire pack and avoid hot spots. To reuse after application, reheat for 30 seconds Do Not overheat product.
Cold Pack; For effective cold use put the pack inside a plastic seal able bag and then put it in freezer for 1-2 hours as cold desired

WARRANTY: The product is available with 1-year warranty.



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