FreshMeltz Oral Hygiene Fresh Breath Strips

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These are instant melting breath strips, that provides 24 hr lasting fresh breath. It kills the bacteria that create foul breath and leaves behind freshness.

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  • PRODUCT NAME: Freshmeltz Oral Hygiene Fresh Breath Strips

    PACK SIZE: The pack is of 15 strips

    FreshMeltz Oral Hygiene Strips Features

    Oral hygiene is very important as a fresh breath not only boosts our confidence but also makes us acceptable in society. Nobody is interested in anyone who has foul breath. Dentists recommend brushing twice a day but whenever we eat anything, the bacteria return creating a foul breath.

    The need of the hour was to have a product which leaves behind a fresh breath and fights the oral bacteria for a longer time. The answer came in the form of Freshmeltz Oral Hygiene Strips. As the name suggests these are fresh breath strips which melt in the mouth leaving behind a long-lasting freshness in the mouth.

    The Main Features are as under…

    • An innovative product, the first melting strips introduced in the market.
    • Hassle free Oral Hygiene all day long.
    • It melts instantly to kill oral bacteria and germs.
    • Does not allow the bacteria to develop for the next 3 hours.
    • Keeps the mouth healthy and fresh.
    • Removes mouth odour.
    • Sugar-free composition and hence can be taken safely, even by diabetic patients.
    • Brings Confidence to merge and interact in any group.
    •   Freshmeltz Oral Hygiene Strips helps to maintain our self -esteem.
    • Convenient and Effective.
    • Available in a convenient pack of 15 strips in a pack.

    Freshmeltz strips are available online with us at the most attractive prices. And to meet the different needs of different people there are customized box packing available like 5 boxes, 11 boxes, 13 boxes etc.

    Dosage To be taken as required. The product is to be used as per manufacturer instructions.




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    3 reviews for FreshMeltz Oral Hygiene Fresh Breath Strips

    1. Indermeet

      Nice taste 🙂

    2. Prithvi Kapoor

      Very nice and refreshing. Gives a ICY feeling to mouth. It is worth.

    3. navneet

      very refreshing & easy to carry

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