Freshmeltz Oral Hygiene Fresh Breath Strips (3 Boxes with 45 Strips)

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  • These insta-melting strips provide long-lasting freshness, with its antibacterial property
  • It kills the bacteria that cause bad breath
  • The pack contains 3 boxes with a total of 45 strips.
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PRODUCT NAME: Freshmeltz Oral Hygiene Fresh Breath Strips

PACK SIZE: 3 boxes with 45 strips

Freshmeltz Oral Hygiene Fresh Breath Strips is India’s first mouth freshener in a convenient strip form, for those who don’t like chewing. These strips instantly melt on your tongue thus providing instant freshness and protection from bad mouth odour. In addition, the strips kill the bad breath causing bacteria, to prevent mouth odour.

Freshmeltz is instant solution for your mouth odour, with an insta-melt property. Based on Thin film Technology, these breath strips are easily disintegrable and avoids the hassle of swallowing or chewing. Also,


  • Freshmeltz Strips Provides Complete Oral Hygiene all day long
  • kills bacteria in the mouth, thus keeping the mouth clean and odour free
  • Gives the confidence to speak freely
  • Comes in a convenient, easy to carry, pocket-sized pack
  • Provides fresh and clean breath- Anytime Anywhere
  • Sugar-free
  • Dissolves instantly on your tongue
  • Freshmeltz Oral Hygiene Strips Acts faster
  • Great Taste and available in different flavours.

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Take the strips as mentioned by the manufacturer.


  • Keep a strip of Freshmeltz on your tongue
  • Allow it to melt
  • And Voila! Get a blast of freshness that lasts all day long.


  • Don’t use more than 3 strips at a time.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

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Dimensions 18 × 11 × 10 cm

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1 review for Freshmeltz Oral Hygiene Fresh Breath Strips (3 Boxes with 45 Strips)

  1. praveen

    very refreshing strips.

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