Floure Stain 4 % Strips 100

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It is used to help detect eye injuries such as foreign bodies and corneal abrasions.Fluorescein angiography of the ocular fundus.

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Special warning :- Fluorescein sodium can trigger severe allergic reactions:- A detailed medical history of each patient must be carried out before examination including any history of allergy, cardiopulmonary disease or concomitant treatments (in particular beta-blocking drugs, including those in ophthalmic dosage forms). If the examination appears to be necessary for a patient taking beta-blocking drugs, then the examination should be performed under the supervision of a physician experienced in intensive care and resuscitation. Beta-blocking drugs can reduce the vascular compensation reactions to anaphylactic shock and reduce the effectiveness of adrenaline in the case of cardiovascular collapse. Before any fluorescein sodium injection, the physician should check if the patient is treated with beta blocking drugs.

Skin Discoloration, Abnormal Urine Color

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