First Aid Kit SJF T4 (Travel/ Trucking/Car/Sports)

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Immediate medical treatment for minor injuries during traveling

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PRODUCT NAME: First Aid Kit SJF T4 (Travel/ Trucking/Car/Sports)

PACK SIZE: The size of first aid box is 22x14x6cm. It contains 77 pieces of first aid treatment items and is suitable for treatment of 10 persons.

PRODUCT USE: First aid kit is used to provide medical treatment for minor injuries during traveling.


Antiseptic wipes BZK (3pc)
Adhesive plaster 19x72mm (5pcs)
Adhesive plaster 25x72mm (3pcs)

First aid guide (1pc)
Round plaster 25mm (2pcs)
Adhesive plaster fingertip (2pcs)

Wound cleaning wipes (3pcs)
Sterile gauze swab 7.5cm (2pc)
Safety pins (5pcs)

Cotton tip applicators (5pcs)
Sterile gauze swab 7.5 cm(1pc)
Sterile burn dressing 10cm (1pc)

Sterile gauze swab 10cm (2pc)
Antiseptic cream (1pc)
Sterile oval eye pad (2pc)

Elastic gauze bandage 6cmx1m(1 pc)
Sterile wound dressing small? (1pc)
Dusting powder 10gm(1pc)

Tincture iodine 20ml (1pc)
Micropore tape 1.25cmx5m (1pc)
Scissor 7cm (1pc)

Sterile gauze swab 7.5cm (1pc)
Glucose chewable tablet (9 pcs)
Gauze bandage 7.5cmx3 m (1pc)

Face mask (2pc)
Examination gloves (2pcs)
Electrolyte powder 4.2 gm (2pcs)

Absorbent cotton 20 gm (1pc)
Burn cream 15 gm (1pc)
Eye/Ear drop 5ml? (1pc)

Antiseptic lotion 50ml (1pc)
CPR mouth barrier with glove (1pc)
Whistle (1pc)

Use under medical supervision

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First Aid Kit


St. Johns First Aid Kits Pvt. Ltd.



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