First Aid Kit SJF PK (Pet Care Kit)

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Used to take care of the pets during any medical emergency.

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PRODUCT NAME: First Aid Kit SJF PK (Pet Care Kit)

PACK SIZE: The size of first aid box is 29.5*20*8 cm and contains 67 pcs.

PRODUCT USE: First aid kit is used to take care of the pets during any medical emergency.


Plastic box (1pc)
Plastic tray (1 pc)
Waterproof information card (1pc)

Safety guide (1 pc)
Antiseptic powder 10gms (1pc)
Hand sanitizer 50ml (1pc)

Alcohal wipes (10 pcs)
Antiseptic wipes (10 pcs)
Cottonwool 20gm (1pc)

Micropores tape 1.25×5 m (1 pc)
Micropores tape 2.5×5 m (1 pc)
Sterile guaze swab 10cm (5 pcs)

Sterile guaze swab 7.5 cm (5 pcs)
Sterile absorbent pad 10 cm (3pcs)
Sterile absorbent pad 20 cm (1pc)

Sterile wound dressing small (1 pc)
Sterile wound dressing medium (1 pc)
Whistle (1pc)

Scissor 7 cm plastic handed (1 pc)
Examination gloves (4pcs)
Face mask (2pcs)

Triangular bandage (1pc)
Disposable razor (1pc)

*Use under medical supervision*

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First Aid Kit



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