First Aid Kit SJF F1 ( Safe Home Kit)

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  • St Johns Home Safety First Aid Kit SJF F1 provide immediate treatment for minor injuries at Home.
  • It is suitable for a complete family.
  • Wall Mountable.
  • The kit comes in handy in cases of minor injuries and accidents.

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  • PRODUCT NAME: St Johns Home Safety First Aid Kit SJF F1

    PACK SIZE: The kit contains 121 items

    St Johns Home Safety First Aid Kit SJF F1 is a perfect kit for your homes, and comes in handy in cases of minor injuries and accidents. In case of serious injuries, the kit serves as a temporary treatment until the medical help arrives.

    Whether it’s a cut, burn, or any other injury, the kit will help clean and treat it immediately. In addition, the kit also has a Safe Home Kit Bag, to keep the contents of the kit in it.

    The kit contains 8 different kinds of medical items:

    For Small Wound
    • Adhesive Plaster 19 X 72mm (10 Pcs)
    • Cotton Tip Applicator (10 Pcs)
    • Adhesive Plaster Round (5 Pcs)
    • Wound Cleaning Wipes – Alcohol (5 Pcs)
    • Antiseptic Wipes (5 Pcs)
    • Adhesive Plaster Knuckle (2 Pcs)
    • Gauze Bandage 5cmx3m
    • Microporous Tape 1.25x5m
    • Elastic Adhesive Dress 6x10cm.
    For Medium Wound
    • Wound Cleaning Wipes – Alcohol (2 Pcs)
    • Antiseptic Wipes (2 Pcs)
    • Sterile Gauze Swab 10 Cm
    • Sterile Gauze Swab 7.5cm
    • Sterile Dressing Medium 17cm
    • Gauze Bandage 7.5cmx3m.
    For Large Wound
    • Sterile Wound Dressing Medium
    • Crepe Bandage 6cmx3mtr.
    For Fracture/ Trauma
    • Safety Pin (10 Pcs)
    • Tongue Depressor (2 Pcs)
    • Pain Gel Cream
    • Absorbent Cotton 15g
    • Wooden Splint
    • Triangular Bandage.
    For Burn Care
    • Examination Gloves (2 Pcs)
    • Burn Cream
    • Crystal Violet Paint
    • Sterile Burn Dressing 5cm
    • Sterile Burn Dressing 10cm
    • Sterile Burn Gel Dressing 10cm.
    For Eye/Ear Care
    • Sterile Eye Pad (2 Pcs)
    • Gloves Examination (4 Pcs)
    • Eye/ Ear Drops
    • Sterile Eye Dressing.
    General Supplies
    • Torch Light with Batteries
    • CPR Mouth Barrier
    • Thermometer Digital
    • Tough Cut Scissor
    • Forceps SS 7cm
    • Gauze Band 7.5cmx3mt.
    Medicines Pack
    • Adhesive Plaster Assorted (20 Pcs)
    • Electrolyte Powder 4.2gm (3 Pcs)
    • Face Mask (3 Pcs)
    • Antiseptic Cream – Povidone
    • Neosporin Powder
    • Tincture Iodine 20ml
    • First Aid Guide
    • Antiseptic Lotion 100ml
    • Tourniquet
    • Hand Sanitizer 50ml.


    • A Home first aid kit suitable for a complete family
    • Wall Mountable
    • Helps treat all kinds of wounds
    • For additional information, the kit has a first aid Guide
    • Safe and Effective.


    First Aid Kit

    Weight3 kg
    Dimensions20 × 20 × 12 cm

    St. Johns First Aid Kits Pvt. Ltd.


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