Evolve Essential Rash free Sanitary Napkin Pack Of 15 (8 medium flow & 7 heavy flow)

Evolve Essential

  • Premium Acrobat Cotton Sanitary Napkins, Nontoxic Ecosafe & Rash-free (Pack of 15Pads: 7 Heavy Flow & 8 Medium Flow)
  • Locks upto 100% wetness, even odours
  • Disposable


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PRODUCT NAME: Evolve Essential Rash free Sanitary Napkin

PACK SIZE: Pack Of 15 (8 medium flow & 7 heavy flow)

Evolve Essential is a Feminine care brand that is carefully curated to serve Womankind and Mother Nature. A pack of 15 that comes in 2 sizes (7 Heavy Flow & 8 Medium Flow) which can be customized as per the flow and the needs of an Individual.

It comes with biodegradable disposal sachets, that is easy to carry and allows clean disposal. Sustainable hygiene care that takes care for you!

  • Acrobat premium cotton
  • High absorbent, Rash free pads
  • Maintains pH balance
  • Toxic-free & Fragrance-Free
  • Eco-Safe
  • Nurturing Nature in a unique way
  • High absorbent – up-till 100 ml
  • Wider wings and Back for extra protection
  • Tailored to suit your flow: Medium-flow/Heavy-flow (280mm & 320mm respectively)
  • Rash free/ Ultra-thin yet Protective/ Soft and Dry
  • Moisture lock technology that prevent leakages
  • Safe, Hygienic and Ecological disposal
  • Maintains pH balance
  • Each pad comes with an individual biodegradable sachet.
  • Evolve packing is made with recyclable materials
  • Evolve monthly pack has a complimentary plantable seed paper



Evolve Essential

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Evolve Essential

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