Emigo Susp 30ml

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Antiemetic, Nausea ,Vomiting.

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May mask progressive ileus and/or gastric distension. Severe hepatic impairment. Pregnancy and lactation. Monitoring Parameters ECG monitoring of patients w/ electrolytes abnormalities e.g. hypomagnesaemia or hypokalaemia, CHF or bradyarrhythmias and on medication that can prolong QT interval., Drug should not be given to Pregnant Mothers, patients suffering from Kidney dysfunction, and Neonates.

Headache, hiccups, flushing or warmth sensation, constipation, rash, urticaria; seizures and movement disorders including extrapyramidal symptoms (e.g. dyskinesia, dystonia, oculogyric crisis). IV: Inj site reaction, dizziness, transient visual disturbances (blurred vision or very rarely, transient blindness). Supp: Local burning sensation; transient liver enzyme elevation. Rarely, anaphylaxis, bradycardia and tachycardia, arrhythmia, chest pain, hypotension, transient ECG changes. Potentially Fatal: Torsade de pointes, anaphylaxis.

Patients w/ congenital long QT syndrome. Concomitant use of apomorphine.

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