Drosmac 20 Tablet

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Irregular vaginal bleeding , Contraception

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Asthma; epilepsy; migraine; DM; cardiac or renal dysfunction; hepatic disease; familial defects of lipoprotein metabolism. Increased risk of endometrial cancer in unopposed oestrogen therapy. Increased risk of gallbladder disease in women on postmenopausal oestrogens. Large doses may increase CV risk, BP, risk of thrombophlebitis and pulmonary embolism., Do not use Dronis 20 Tablet if you are obese, over 35, smoke, on prolonged bed rest.

Oedema, hypertension; dizziness; headache; thromboembolism; cholestatic jaundice; nausea, vomiting; disturbance of menstrual cycle; fluid retention, discomfort in breast, wt gain/loss; increased appetite, increased tendency for vag candidiasis; mental depression; alteration in libido; rashes; alopoecia, hirsutism; gynaecomastia and impotence. Potentially Fatal: Endometrial cancer (prolonged use).

Uterine, liver and mammary carcinoma, thromboembolic disorders. Pregnancy, lactation, untreated endometriosis, jaundice, undiagnosed vag bleeding.

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