Dove Soap 100 GM

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  • Classic moisturising formula.
  • ¼ moisturising cream and mild cleansers help retain skin’s moisture.
  • Leaves skin softer, smoother and healthier-looking.
  • Suitable for daily use on face, body and hands.
  • It’s not a Dove soap, it’s a Dove beauty bar.


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PRODUCT NAME: Dove Soap 100 Gm

PACK SIZE: 100gm

ABOUT THE PRODUCT: Dove Beauty Cream Bar’s mild cleansers help your skin to retain its natural moisture rather than stripping it away. This Dove beauty bar even helps to replenish nutrients that are lost during the cleansing process where a soap bar can leave your skin feeling tight and rough, the Dove Beauty Bar leaves it feeling soft and radiant-looking. So add it to your skin-care routine it might just make your morning.


  • Natural moisture
  • Replenish nutrients
  • Soft
  • Radiant looking
  • Skin care

DIRECTION FOR USE: First, wet your hands and then rub the Dove White Bar gently between them until the bar lathers up. Massage the lather over your body before rinsing with warm water.


  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • Store in cool and dry place
  • Should be protected from direct light


Weight 0.1 kg
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Hindustan Unlever Ltd.


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