Depiwhite Eye Contour Gel 15 G

Depiwhite Eye Gel reduces puffiness under the eyes, Lightens the skin from dark circles, Prevents appearance of new dark circles, Gives freshness to the eyes.

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PRODUCT NAME: Depiwhite Eye Gel

PACK SIZE: One pack contains 15 gm of Gel

is formulated to lighten dark circles and reduce bags under the eyes.This reduces puffiness under the eyes,Lightens the skin from dark circles, Prevents appearance of new dark circles,Gives freshness to the eyes. Get Here entire range of Eye Care Products.

This resulting  a refreshed appearance due to its active ingredients:

  • In this Plant based flavonoid (Chrysine) increases bilirubin elimination.
  • Depiwhite eye gel combination of plant derived ingredients like arbutin and parsley extract for a whitening effect.
  • In this Dipeptide boosts lymphatic drainage to remove the fluids causing swelling around the eyes.


  • This reduces puffiness under the eyes
  • This lightens the skin from dark circles
  • This prevents appearance of new dark circles
  • Depiwhite Eye Gel gives freshness to the eyes.

Directions for use:

  • Apply it in morning and night to the eye contour area.


  • This  is used to reduce swelling around the eyes.

Use Under Medical Supervision


Wockhardt Ltd.

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