Cleanso KN95 Face Mask with Sensisafe Hand Sanitizer

  • KN95 Face Mask with Sanitizer is a combo for COVID-19 Protection.
  • The mask prevents the transmission and entry of Coronavirus through cough and sneeze.
  • Hand sanitizer keeps the hands and sanitized and soft.

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PRODUCT NAME: Cleanso KN95 Face Mask with Sensisafe Hand Sanitizer 

PACK SIZE: 1 face Mask and 1 hand sanitizer

KN95 Reusable Face Mask with Hand Sanitizer is a combo pack for covid 19.

Cleanso KN95 Face Mask

Cleanso KN95 Mask is a reusable mask that prevents the entry of viruses and germs through nose and mouth. The mask filters out bacteria, viruses, and unseen micro & nanoparticles in the air. Made of breathable material, the mask ensures comfortable breathing while covering your nose and mouth. In addition, the mask is washable and can be used several times.


  • Face mask for protection against COVID-19.
  • Ensures easy breathing
  • Provides multi-layer protection
  • Comfortable, hygienic and safe
  • Protection from flu and other diseases, infections.
Sensisafe Hand Sanitizer

It’s an alcohol-based sanitizer that kills germs and bacteria without the use of water. It kills 99% germs, keeping your hands clean and sanitized and provides protection from bacteria causing diseases. Aloe vera in it keeps the skin moisturized thereby, protecting your hands from dryness.

It contains natural ingredients like Neem and Aloe vera Extracts.


  • Gel-based hand sanitizer to sanitize your hands, anytime and anywhere
  • Neem in it sanitizes the hands, without affecting the softness of your hands
  • Hand Sanitizer spreads easily on the hands, due to its gel consistency
  • Safe and effective
  • Comes in a travel-friendly pack
  • Kills germs in just a few seconds.
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