Fem Botanica 3D Serum 30 ML

Used as an intense skin revitaliser by providing 3 Dimensional Action hydration, equalization and rejuvenation of the skin.

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  • Botanica 3D Serum provides 3 Dimensional Action for dramatic skin revitalization: 1. Hydration: Replenshes moisture and binds it to the skin. 2. Equalization: Fights against redness and corrects uneven skin tone. 3. Rejuvenation: Stimulates and protects the dermal matrix to supoprt a soft and smooth appearance.

    Intense skin revitalizer serum with red algae extract (with the benefits of niacianamide and glycerin) in 30 ml serum, featuring lush marine botanicals extracts that maximise moisture replenishment while enhancing skin natural ability to retain moisture. Reduces over-production of tnf alpha, hence reduces photo induced skin redness and uneven skin tone. Prevents cellular lipid oxidation and stimulate skin barrier protein to improve skin appearance.

    Benefits :

    • Helps fight skin problems like dryness, uneven skin tone and fine lines
    • Provides the benefits of hydration, equalization and rejuvenation
    • An intense skin revitalizing serum with unique red algae extracts and benefits of niacin amide and glycerin
    • Being serum based, has high concentration of active ingredients, can penetrate quickly into skin, makes your skin non greasy and non-sticky



    Use Under Medical Supervision

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