Ayur All Purpose Cream 500 gm

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It helps to retain the oil and moisture balance of the skin keeping it healthy , soft and glowing.


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PACK SIZE: One pack contains 500 gm cream

COMPOSITION: Ayur All Purpose Cream is ideal product to keep your skin soft and moisturized. It  has natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. These two ingredients are a boon for all skin related concerns.

Aloe Vera:  a natural herb found in abundance in India. Its therapeutic properties were discovered and since ages it is being used in skin care products and hair care products as well. It does wonders to our skin because it anti oxidants which not only help to slow down the process of aging but also gives elasticity to the skin. The benefits of aloe vera are endless and it is one of the most suitable products which will enable us to have great looking, well moisturized ,hydrated skin.

Vitamin E: is one product which has great action and is very effective in treating skin problems. It is useful not only because it gives our skin a healthy glow and keeps in hydrated , thereby retaining the moisture and maintaining the elasticity of the skin, but it is also very useful in treating more severe cases of skin diseases. For such cases it is also available in oral form.

But the presence of Vitamin E in Ayur All Purpose Cream is to maintain a healthy ,glowing skin by maintaining the oil and moisture balance. It gives our skin a flawless look by reducing the spots and blemishes .

BENEFITS: Ayur All Purpose Cream as the name suggests can be used by anyone and in any weather , day or night. The benefit is that its ingredients help to keep our skin soft and smooth by maintaining the oil and water balance. It is non sticky and can be used during the day. It gets well absorbed into the skin and helps to slow down the aging process . Another benefit is that the 500gm pack is very affordably priced and is within reach of everybody.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Since it has formulated with all natural ingredients there are no contraindications.

Use Under Medical Supervision

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