Accusure Finger Pulse Oximeter

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This  is used for checking body oxygen level .

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PRODUCTS: Accusure Finger Pluse Oximeter
PACK SIZE: 1 device a box, in black and white color.

This is Perfect for monitoring arterial oxygen concentration and heart rate (pulse). It is used for body oxygen level checking.


There are two parameters: Sp02, Pulse Rate,
This is user friendly
This is Light weight and table top pulse Oximeter
In this DET-Digital Enhancement Technology
This give Accurate reading at low perfusion
This is Suitable for Adult, Pediatric, and Neuronal patient
This have Audible and Visual alarms with volume controller
This have Battery backup of 5Hrs
This have Large Display with Bright LED and Bar graph

How to use Pulse Oximeter :

To start, align the top of user finger with the LED light shown here.

This LED light emit two wavelength refractive light depending on the cells i) Oxygenated & ii) Deoxygenated.

Most the oximeter obtained the ratio Oxygenated Cells/Non-oxygenated cells is known as SPO2. Normally SPO2 is above 95%

In the begining of use of  Pulse Oximeter:

Step I:

Remove the back cap & insert the battry. After fitting the battery fixed the cap again.

Step II:

Insert your finger into the pulse oximeter & wait  for the unit of the power on.

Observation :

After the 5 seconds see the reading onthe screen.

Yellow no. on the left side of the screen  indicating the SPO2 . This indicate the oxygen saturation percent of the your blood.

The Green no. on the right side of the screen  is the pulse rate. This indicate how many times per minutes your hearts beat.

The blue bar on the right, fluctuates and offer a visual representation of your heart beat.

The red waveform at the bottom offer a visual reference of your heart beat over the last 5 seconds.

Pulse oximeter functionality :

Tapping the bottons once brings up four different views of digital readings.

Holding the button down brings up the profusion Index (PI), shown as an orange no.This indicate the strength of pluse rate.

After the 10 seconds the screen reverts to the default, view displaying your pulse rate.

Additional Pulse oximeter Key points :

Inaccurate reading can be caused by :

Too much movement.

Too much external light at the reading site.

Poor circulation.

Nail polish does not effect the pulse oximeter reading.

Precaution :

To be kept away from children’s reach.

Always concern the doctor before  use.


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