AccuSure Elastic Rib Belt

An Elastic Rib Belt that supports the injured ribs and binds the rib cage during rib fractures and postoperative care.

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    PRODUCT NAME: AccuSure Elastic Rib Belt

    PACK SIZE: Available in Sizes S, M, L, XL

    AccuSure Elastic Rib Belt supports the injured ribs and binds the rib cage during rib fractures and postoperative care. The rib belt provides an excellent compression in order to assist in the stabilization.

    Its fabric made from cotton-backed ventilated elastic allows easy chest expansion and support while allowing sufficient flexibility for comfortable breathing. The belt can be used for Rib fracture, Rib dislocations, stabilization of sternum fractures and Post cardiothoracic surgery care, a broken or cracked rib.

    AccuSure Rib Belt Key Features
    • Supports the injured ribs and binds the rib cage during rib fractures
    • Made from cotton-backed ventilated elastic
    • Allows easy chest expansion
    • Enhanced immobilization & comfort
    • Snug grip
    • No buckling of fabric
    • Easy application and removal
    • Do not peep through the clothes
    • AccuSure Rib Belt also, reduces the discomfort caused due to deep breaths, Cough or sneezing during recovery.
    • First, wrap the belt around the chest area such that the closing of the belt comes at the front
    • Then, fix the foam pad in the rib cage region
    • Tighten the belt not too tight or too loose.

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