4 Ever Underpads

This is  thin, comfortable and easy to wear. It protect from wetness & keep the area dry. 

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    Product Name: 4 Ever Underpads

    Pack Size: One pack contains 20 Pcs.

    This is disposable,hygenic underpads. Underpads are pads or sheets which are designed to absorb fluid and protect the surface. It absorb enough liquid to provide protection against typical incontinence voids.


    • It is easily disposable
    • It is comfortable to use
    • It have quick absorbing ability


    • It prevent the fluids from leaking into the bedsheet.
    • It is relatively thin and comfortable which is easy to wear.
    • It is made up of superior quality material. By using this skin remains dry and the risk of infection is also reduced considerably.
    • It super absorbent channels keep the patients comfortable.
    • This pads are disposable in nature.
    • It is used as the diaper.
    • It have different levels of absorbency.
    • Reusable under pads also come in a variety of colors .


    • Underpads are used  to protect from wetness & keep the area dry.
    • It is used to prevent the fluids from leaking into the bedsheet.
    • It use remain skin  dry and the minimize the risk of infection.


    Weight 2 kg
    Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 cm

    Nasibdar International


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