Anti Pollution Face Masks

With the ever-increasing air pollution, diseases like lung cancer, asthma, ischaemic heart diseases and stroke have become prevalent. Apart from the need of the hour i.e. to decrease the pollution levels, we have to ensure our safety from the immediate effects of the pollution. And that’s when Anti-pollution masks come into action. The main purpose of these Air Purifier masks is to give you immediate protection from pollution without making any extra efforts.

TabletShablet provides you with a variety of Anti-Purifier mask India Online, that differs in terms of filters and additional features like washable and reusable. When compared to air purifiers and other products, Masks are one of the cheapest solutions to air pollution. With common features like PM 2.5 filter, different layers of carbon fibre, Air Purifier masks ensure protection from even the tiniest pollution particles in the air. SG Unisex Mask is made of 5 layer carbon fibre and is an effective Anti-pollution mask for bikers.

Air Purifier Mask: Protection from disastrous effects of increasing Air pollution

There are masks available in the market that you can wear while performing daily tasks like Bodyguard Anti Pollution Face Mask with Activated Carbon. It is made of polyester-cotton with an additional Breathing Valve that provides protection from dust, odours, pollen, toxins and PM2.5 particles. This Air Purifier mask can also be used as an mask for running so that you can do your daily exercise with pollution protection.

To stay protected from the harmful effects of air pollution, Buy Anti-pollution mask online at TabletShablet.


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