Respiratory Care Products & Medicines

The Human Respiratory system is a highly advanced process, which includes taking oxygen in the air into your lungs and then moves it throughout the body. Our lungs remove the oxygen and pass it through the bloodstream. Where it’s carried to the tissues and organs that allow us to perform basic functions like walk, talk, and move. Respiratory illness like cough and cold is the most common. Many times, people are more likely to get a cough and cold, but environmental exposures could also play a big role. Respiratory Care Products & Medicine includes cough and cold medicine.

For Restriction-free Breathing

Cold is a viral infection of the nose and throat. It includes symptoms like sore throat, runny nose, congestion, and cough. Over-the-counter cold medications provide instant relief and help you breathe more easily. Sometimes, the medications come in a combination of cough and cold medicine, that relieves both cough and cold symptoms.

Coughing is a natural process for clearing the throat and lungs of irritants. TabletShablet is available in India with a vast range of Respiratory Medicine, to get rid of your cough. Cough medicine comes in two types: dry cough and wet cough medicine. A wet cough, or productive cough, is the one that produces mucus. It feels like you have something stuck in your chest or at the back of your throat.

A dry cough is the one that does not bring up any phlegm or mucus. It often occurs due to irritation in the throat. We have a variety of dry cough medicine that will provide you with instant relief. For people, who have difficulty breathing in a natural way. Respiratory therapy equipment delivers sufficient oxygen to the organs and tissues of the body.

Respiratory Care Products & Medicine with effective discounts:
  • Baksons Kof Aid Tablet
  • Kufrakshak Cough Syrup
  • Kuka Cough Syrup 100 Ml
  • Mandal S Paint 20 Gm
  • Nefrosave Forte Tablet
  • Nefrosave Keto Sachet 3g
  • Otri – Noz Saline
  • Otrivin 0.05% Drops Adult
  • Physiomer Nasal Cleansing Nasal Spray
  • Phytorelief-Cc Sugar-Free Lozenges
  • Prospan Syrup, etc.


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