Heart Care Nutraceuticals

Heart diseases are one of the most life-threatening diseases and require a lot of care and attention. When taking care of your heart, having a proper diet and regular exercise is the key. And nowadays, Nutraceuticals for heart diseases have also become a necessary part of heart care.

A nutraceutical is basically a group of products that are more than food but less than pharmaceuticals and provides various health benefits. These products also play a role in the prevention and treatment of various diseases.

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The relation between nutraceuticals and coronary heart diseases is that nutraceuticals serve as supplements for maintaining and supporting heart health. Which in turn reduces the risk of developing heart diseases.

One of the most common ingredients found in heart care nutraceuticals is Omega 3 fatty acids. They are essential fatty acids that are not produced in the body and have to be taken from dietary supplements. It helps lowers Bad cholesterol levels which in turn reduces the risk of heart diseases.

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