Premium Lightweight Wheelchair

While all kinds of Wheelchairs offer the basic mode of mobility from one place to another. They differ in the variety of features they offer. And just like that, Premium Wheelchairs provides its user a wide range of add-on features as compared to the basic ones. So, Tabletshablet gives you with a wide range of premium lightweight wheelchair to choose from.

These kinds of wheelchair give its user an experience of customized comfort, made according to their needs. Some of the common features of these wheelchairs include, adjustable arm and foot rests, lightweight, comfy seat, etc.

Our wide range of wheelchair helps you to select the one that best suits your needs. You can choose between fixed backrest, split backrest that folds in half, as we have premium foldable wheelchairs.

Also, you can select your wheelchair with small rear wheel or large rear wheel to self-propel and the one with a writing pad.

One of the best kinds of Attendant-propelled wheelchair, premium wheelchair km-2500 – karma offers spacious and comfortable design. The Upholstery of the wheelchair is treated with Aegis microbe shield, which inhibits bacterial and fungal growth.

Explore the wide range of Premium Wheelchairs on our website and get them at exciting deals and discounts.


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