Electric Power Wheelchairs

For people who are unable to propel a manual wheelchair or need to reduce the strain on their shoulders and arms then, manual wheelchairs won’t work for them. What they need is a power wheelchair, so that they can experience mobility at their own terms and comfort. They are battery powered or rechargeable and can be fully controlled through a controller.

Tabletshablet has a wide range of power wheelchairs like Electric Power Wheelchairs, motorized power wheelchairs and others. They have enhanced seating options like its ability to tilt, recline and elevate the leg rests, armrests and backrest and also with height adjustability.

We have powered wheelchairs from known brands like Sage, Karma that not only ensures an individual’s mobility but also helps in keeping the person functionally active at all times. With the Power wheelchairs that stand, a person can get the full experience of walking, as sitting in one position for too long increases the discomfort. And not only that, these kinds of wheelchairs also corrects the person’s posture and spine alignment.

Most of these are Lightweight power wheelchairs and can be easily foldable, lift and stored, without any difficulty. With the help of Power Wheelchairs’ ability to change one’s sitting position, it greatly increases the comfort levels and reduces any kind of discomfort caused due to long hours of sitting.

Sort through our huge range of Power wheelchairs, and get them at amazing discounts. So, hurry and buy Power wheelchair India from our website, to get the best of your mobility experience!


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