Multi Functional Wheelchair

Just by its name, one can guess that a multi-functional wheelchair can perform a variety of operations. And can also be called a multipurpose wheelchair. Unlike basic wheelchair which has only 1 to 2 equipment, it offers more equipment options and provide better comfort for its users.

When talking about multipurpose, a multi-functional wheelchair can be used as a wheelchair, Shower chair or a commode. It prevents the unnecessary and tiring process of transferring the person to different chairs.

These kinds of wheelchairs are best for users who remain seated for longer periods of time with more severe disabilities, or limited mobility. Also, it serves as a normal indoor and outdoor wheelchair.

Some of the multi-functional wheelchair multifunction includes stair climbing, sit-to-stand, stand-to-sit, etc.

Other common feature that it offers are seat tilt, headrests, elevated leg rests, adjustable backrests, etc.

We have multi functionality wheelchairs from known brands like Karma, Vissco, Sage. These brands offer durable, effective and wheelchairs of great quality and features. Also, they Ultra lightweight and are made of aluminium frame, making them easily maneuverable for self propelling.

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