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#BalanceforBetter : Women’s contribution in Gender Balance

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Hello, Readers

Happy international women’s day! Today’s blog is dedicated to all the incredible and brave women out there, who are taking over the world with their strong will and spirit. No matter if their struggles are known or not, they are still making huge impacts on people around them.

Every year, we celebrate international women’s day to acknowledge their achievements and part in world history. This day is not just for celebrating but to address those reasons and barriers that held them back to move forward.

Time and again, women have proved their strengths and power, by breaking all the boundaries that came in their way. Even in this educated and modern world, issues of gender inequality like denial of girls education rights, sexual abuse and violence, human trafficking still linger amongst us. Addressing these issues should be our first priority because even God created this world with gender equality.

Listed below are some inspiring women the world have (or had) who, despite all the social barriers, have shown great courage and strength.

• Mary Kom:

Called superwoman of India, Mary Kom remains the only Indian female boxer to have won an Olympic medal. Being ridiculed by her whole town, she never backs down and continued her dream to become a boxer.

A high school dropout, Mary Kom completed her education through other ways. Yet, that never stopped her to continue and shows the true power of a woman.

• Bachendri Pal:

is the Indian mountaineer, who in 1984 made history and became the first Indian woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest. At age twelve, has realised she wanted to be a mountaineer and along with her friends scaled a 13,123 ft mountain on a school picnic.

She has been awarded several awards including the Padmashree and the Arjuna awards. Her achievements have proved that women can excel in any field they choose to pursue.

• Malala Yousafzai:

She fought for girls’ education (in a country where girls are not allowed to even go to school). At age twelve, Malala got shot in her head after receiving numerous death threats from the Taliban. She was awarded the Nobel peace prize in 2014 for her bravery.

She has shown that age, gender all those factors don’t matter when you reach for heights. An example of compassion, she almost got killed fighting for other’s rights of education.

• Mother Teresa:

No discussion about women’s achievement is complete without talking about Mother Teresa. Known in the Catholic Church as Saint Teresa of Calcutta, she devoted her life to caring for the sick and poor. Teaching in India for 17 years, she never once discriminated among people.

To pursue her passion to help people, she has covered great lengths and received the Nobel Peace Prize for her humanitarian work. Mother Teresa is an ideal example of women power and strength.


No words can justify her struggles; no book can contain her emotions.

This poem can show a glimpse of what women can be, her struggles and achievement:

What a girl is?
Is she someone who is weak?
Is she someone who cannot speak
Is she someone who can be dragged down
Is she someone who can be abused
A girl is someone who dreams for a better future, even when the world is against her
She is someone who smiles even when her hopes have been crushed down
A girl is someone who despite being tortured and abused, still walks with pride
She is someone who finds happiness even in the saddest of times

                  This is what a girl is…………………
Is she someone who can be beaten down at every step of her life
Is she someone who can be kept in cages or chains
Is she someone who cannot stand on her feet
Is she someone who cannot lead
A girl is someone who cries for other’s pain
A girl is someone who loves unconditionally and selflessly
She is someone who never stops dreaming and hoping
A girl is someone who is the centre of this world
And the world should know
This is what a girl is!


We don’t just want equal rights and opportunities, but a world that is free of fears, insecurities for us to live in. A world, where we can see ourselves equal to man, in not just physical strength but in every aspect of life.

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