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What’s Experts say on Skin Care Routine?

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Ever wonder why your expensive serums, moisturisers or your top brand skin care products not working properly? It’s scary to even think that the products we have been using for months are not even working. The money you have spent on them will all go to waste. All of this hassle only because you’re not using your products in the right order.

As bizarre the thought sounds, there is a solid truth behind it. According to the celebrity facialist and aesthetician

Shani Darden: The order in which you place your skincare products matters.

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So, always remember the basic rule i.e. to apply products from thinner to thickest.

Before selecting a particular skin routine, consider your skin type, skin concerns and preferences. But, there are some basic routines that any skin type can follow.

A perfect skin routine is the one that provides all the essential needs of the skin. We consider experts help in case of any emergencies. Have a look at what, some of the leading dermatologist and aestheticians around the globe have to say about the skincare routine.

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Some Basic Skin Care Rules to Follow

  1. Always Cleanse your Skin: One of the simplest yet important steps for skincare is cleansing. Many of you were wondering how can cleaning your face be that essential?

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Craig Kraffert, a certified dermatologist and president of Amarte Skincare states

Why not just splash water on your face in the morning? Because even the best products won’t work if you have debris or oil on the skin. You will gain quite a lot from cleansing, as opposed to just splashing water on your face in the morning, because the products you use work their best on debris-free skin.

Charcoal related products are becoming really popular these days. You can go for WOW activated charcoal Face Wash, it removes pollutants, toxins, dirt and impurities.WOW activated charcoal Face Wash    2. Be Informative of your Product: Before using any product, try to know it better. What’s best than an expert opinion. Don’t just try anything you heard people talking about or get a suggestion about. Learn about it first and then try it on your hands before using it on your face, to avoid any reactions.

      3. Don’t expect instant results: You can’t expect to just wake up one day and get rid of all your skin problems. It’s a real-world, not a fairy-tale where we expect to have a fairy godmother with a magic wand. Yet, it would be great if we can have one.

      4. Don’t Skip Exfoliation or Sunscreen: Both of these activities are necessary for better skin care. Exfoliation helps remove dead skin and pore-clogging impurities whereas sunscreen provides sun protection.


According to Beyoncé’s Dermatologist:

We should exfoliate every single day to cleanse our skin properly, but that doesn’t mean we have to use harsh scrubs.

You can try WOW Arabica Coffee Scrub, enriched with Arabica coffee grounds, it helps exfoliate dead skin.WOW Arabica Coffee Scrub

For sun protection, use an SPF 30 or greater sunscreen every single day. Do not use a sunscreen with less than SPF 30, as it won’t be effective.

So, just try to be a little consistent with your product and you’ll surely get effective and desirable response. Be confident in your products.


  1. Always be considerate to your skin type: Make sure to buy skin products that are compatible with your skin type. In order to avoid side-effects or reactions, first test them before use.

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     6. Your pillows are the Enemy: As simple as it sounds, pillow does play a vital role in your skin problems. Make sure to regularly change your pillow sheets. Try sleeping on a silk pillowcase and change them out once a week.

     7. Stay Stress-free: Various studies show that stress can be a leading cause to almost all your skin problems. So, try to stay stress-free in order to get a perfect glowing skin.

All the above skin experts stated some very essential details of their daily routine. The key point is that you should always consider expert help before trying something new.

Go for your own research, you have got all the resources, along with the benefit of all the information in just one click away. So, go for it and remember to always appreciate yourself and others around you.


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